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Subject: Conflict with Norton Antivirus

By: David Matthews

31/10-2006 13:42

I am evaluating this backup software and one problem that I have is that Norton Antivirus continuously scans the backup file as it is being created. I have attempted to figure out how to configure Norton not to scan this file, but with no luck. Is there any way that you know of to do this? The problem is that an approximately 1 hour backup will take about nine hours to complete because of this. Remembering to disable Norton every night is not a very good option.

By: Richard Joyner

31/10-2006 19:53

What version of Norton AV do you have? I have 2006, and what I do is--before I run a backup job--to disable BOTH Auto-Protect and LiveUpdate (I disable the latter because I don't want LiveUpdate slowing my machine down while ZB2CD is possibly writing to disc.) When I disable them, a pop-up asks how long you want them disabled. I select "Until system restart".

By: David Matthews

31/10-2006 20:06

If you disable antivirus protection until you restart, then either you have to restart every day after a backup, or you are running without antivirus protection. Either way doesn't really work for me - I don't plan on rebooting every day and I need antivirus protection. I could easily just disable antivirus protection, but this is one of those things that I often forget and was hoping that there was just a way of configuring the program not to do the scan on a backup.

By: Norbert Wentz

07/12-2006 08:47

Hi David,

if you configure ZB2CD to use Temp Directory for creating the ZIPFile and configure the AV-Software to skip this temp directory and the Destination drive for your backup job.
If this is not possible with Norton AV you shoud think about to change to an onther AV software where tis is possible.

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