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Subject: Command line issue

By: foscomp

30/01-2006 03:34

I have several clients whom I have configured Zip Backup to CD to run as part of a scheduled nightly backup job. This scheduled job is a batch file, so I am invoking Zip Backup to CD from the command line.

The issue that is occurring is when a backup job doesn't complete properly this is somehow flagged so that the next night when Zip Backup to CD runs, it pauses to tell the user that the previous backup did not complete and prompts the user to either continue that job or cancel it.

This isn't convenient since most of these scheduled backup jobs run at 1:00AM when no one is around. Is it possible to force Zip Backup to CD to ignore the completion status from the last run so that it simply runs the specified backup job, and doesn't prompt the user to either continue or cancel that previous backup?

Or, can you tell me what parameter in the config file is getting set so that it knows that the last job did not complete correctly? I can then write a perl script that would reset that parameter so that it appears that last run completed successfully and this will no longer be an issue.

By: Datahjaelp

03/02-2006 22:15

This problem should be solved with version 3.19.7 released 3. February 2006.

By: foscomp

01/06-2006 04:41

This issue has not been resolved as of version 3.19.7. I downloaded and installed version 3.19.8 and this problem still exists. When do you plan to REALLY fix this issue?

By: Datahjaelp

02/06-2006 18:01

If you add the /H parameter to your command line it will ignore the status of the last job.

zipbackup.exe /=jobname.dat /H

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