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Subject: Command Line Crashing

By: R Skaggs

12/01-2006 04:55

I am running Zip Backup to CD on Windows XP SP2 with all critical MS patches through Jan 11, 2006. I also have ZoneAlarm 6.0.667.000, AVG anti-virus 7.1.371, and Adobe Photo Downloader (from Photoshop Elements v4) running in the background.

Zip Backup to CD runs fine from the GUI. However, I want to run it from a batch file so that it will start, run a job, and close. If I run a job from a command line with the /=job.dat parameter and then manually close Zip Backup to CD, the program crashes. The job.dat path has spaces in it and is enclosed in "". If I run the same job by the same command line and add the /C parameter, it crashes. If I run the first job and add the /H parameter, it crashes. I haven't tried the /A parameter.

Can you tell me how to cleanly run Zip Backup to CD from a command line?

By: James Oakley

31/01-2006 18:23

I was getting this.

Fixed it by not including a full path for the job name.

i.e.: Make sure the job name is in c:\documents and settings\username\application data\zipbackuptocd\.

Then: run with /=job.dat
rather than /=c:\doc [..."> tocd\job.dat

My problem now is that, whether or not I use the /H or /A flags (and the difference between those is...?), the application still runs in a window not hidden.

Any suggestions?

By: Datahjaelp

03/02-2006 22:13

There is a issue with Windows XP and command line. This problem is solved in version 3.19.7 released 3. February 2006. The /H and /A flags should also work now.

By: James Oakley

04/02-2006 08:38

Thank you - I'll give that a try.

I'm still not clear (from the documentation) what the difference is between /H and /A. Perhaps someone could explain.

By: R Skaggs

04/02-2006 14:52

How do I go about installing an update such as this? Do I need to uninstall the existing version and install the new one? Or can I install the new one over the old one?

I don't have an explanation of /h or /a.

FYI, the reason I use a command line is to utilize Scheduled Tasks. Scheduled Tasks (using the advanced options) will wake a system from standby to perform a task. My backups take place at 3am when the system has been in standby for a few hours.

By: Datahjaelp

05/02-2006 16:49

From the Zip Backup to CD help.

Hide the programme.

Load the backup job specified and start the backup job. If the parameter is used in conjunction with the /H parameter, the backup programme will stop when the job has finished, if there is no scheduled jobs.

Is used when the programme shall be hidden after it is loaded.

Is used when the programme shall be closed after the job is finished.

By: James Oakley

05/02-2006 16:56

So, just to be clear...

If /A hides the programme after it is loaded, and /C closes the programme after the job is finished, WHEN does /H hide the programme?

By: Datahjaelp

05/02-2006 21:53

/A is meant to be used if the program shall be loaded without starting a job.
/H is meant to be used if a job is started when the program is loaded.
In most cases if not all they will do the same and is today mostly existent do to backward compatibility.

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