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Subject: "Changed" is not properly handling the archive bit

By: Kenneth Gielow

19/07-2004 04:47

My daily differential bskup is set to backup only those files with the archive bit set. The settup is as follows:

Backup Files:
( )All, (o)Changed, [ ">After, [ ">ClearAbit, [x">Cat

I noticed that this is backing up too many files so I checked which files were included on the Zip file. When I examined the properties of the source files which had been included, many did not have the archive bit set and many hac not been modified in two years according to the modified date shown.

What is happening? What tests can I run to better determine what is happening?

My daily diferential backup scheme is falling appart and is generating extremely large backup files when very few files have changed.

I did not notice this problem until I revised my scheme to generate a catalog file. Previously the [ ">Cat box was not checked off.

I am running ZipBackup version

By: Kenneth Gielow

19/07-2004 04:55

I don't know if this is pertinent, but the files that my diferential backup was gereation were previously labeled as,

Now the numbering has changed to,

All of the numbers al lower by 100.

I had just updated to this latest version of ZipBackup at the time that these problems started to occur.

By: Kenneth Gielow

19/07-2004 06:43

Further information: The problem seems to be related to the [X">Cat check box.

When I turned of the catalog, and reran the job, the backup that had been producing 12 Gbytes of backup files now produces only 150Mbytes, which is consistent with the previous differential backup job.

What is going on? Producing a catalog of the files saved should in no way affect the choice of files to be saved.

By: Datahjaelp

19/07-2004 12:16

If you would like to make a backup of the files that are changed or new, you have to select Changed and check the Cat field, making sure that the selected catalog name is the one with the appropriate information. It is possible to use the same catalog file for different backup jobs. The catalog file name to be used with a backup job is stored in the backup job file.

The catalog is a file containing information on all the files in the zip files, created automatically by Zip Backup to CD. Files can also be manually added to the catalog. The catalog can be used to determine which files need to be backed up or to find the name of the zip file where a give file was archived. The catalog is enabled if the Cat field are checked. If the catalog name is left blank, the catalog file name will be the same name as the backup job.

The catalog is updated when you make a backup regardless of the state of the Cat check box. There is and error in the help file which says that the Cat field should be checked if the catalog shall be updated. The Cat check box does only determine if the catalog will be used to determine if a file is new or changed.

If you check the Cat field without having a catalog from your last full backup you will get a backup of all the files which are missing in the catalog plus those which has changed. When the Cat field is checked the archive bit status is ignored.

The advantage of using catalog files is that instead of relying on the archive bit, you can make incremental and differential backups without having write permission to the files you are backing up.

From version 3.18.5 the file numbering starts from 001.

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