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Subject: Can't Get ZB2CD to open up Help me Please

By: Pete

16/02-2005 09:48

HELP....... I just backed up my C: drive onto 5 CD's.I then wiped my win 98 SE clean of my hard drive and did an XP Pro install. I put the first Backup CD into my computer and nothing happens. I am a very inexperienced computer user and I have a lot of stuff on the backup disks that I really need. How do I open the disks and get it all installed back on my computer? I have all my photos and addresses and everything there. Please help and please consider I am one of those dummies they write all them books for.
Thank you Pete,

By: Datahjaelp

16/02-2005 11:04

You have 2 options:
If you put the CD containing the zip archive in the CD drive you should be able to open it with the Windows Explorer (only on Windows XP) you may now select the files and folders and copy them to the appropriate location on your hard disk. Do not copy system files from you old Windows 98 installation to the XP installation. You should not overwrite any files on your new installed hard disk. Make sure that you only copy your data to the new hard disk.

You install Zip Backup to CD and use it to restore the data.

1. Select the menu "Restore", "Open Files to Restore From" and select the zip file containing the files to be restored.

2. Mark the files to be restored by double clicking them or pressing the spacebar, If the Ctrl key is hold down when you select the next file, the already marked files remain selected. To mark all files simply press Ctrl+A when in the file list.

3. If you have included full drive information in your backup, you may use the original location as destination by checking Add stored path to Destination. Decide where the files shall be restored

4. Decide if existing files shall be overwritten. You can choose: Never, If older or Always.

5. If the files shall be restored to a location that is different from the original location, then click on the field "Destination Path" and select the location where the files shall be saved.

6. To remove a part at the beginning of the stored path information write this part in the field "Remove this part". Do not begin with a \ character (back slash). If the stored path information includes disk volume information, then it shall also be included. If it is not a sub string at the beginning of the stored path information, then this will have no influence on the restore operation.

To start the restoring process of one or more files start with opening the Zip file containing the files by selecting the menu Restore/Open file to restore from. You may also use any other Zip program to unzip the files from the Zip file.

Select the folder, drive or network share where the files shall be restored to. Check the field Add stored path to destination path to get the restored files placed in the same folders as the original one, from which it was backed up. Unchecking this field will restore all files in the destination path regardless of their original path.

Decide if the files restored shall overwrite existing files and when the files shall be overwritten.

Mark the files which shall be restored and press start to begin the restoring.

It is possible to change the sort order of the file list by double clicking the column header.

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