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Subject: Can't backup to cd-rw drive

By: GuyRob

19/07-2005 19:22

Following the introduction steps (using v3.19):
1. I have created a new backup job.
2. I selected that all files be backed up
3. I have left the file name blank, and I selected my cd-r drive from the drop down (not using path). It says that 0MB free on the drive. I have put in a fresh blank.
4. I have set the max zip size at 100.
5. I have selected 2 folders that have a combined size of 18 megs.
6. I have made sure that "only fixed zip file size" option is turned off.
7. THe CD/DVD tab tells me that it sees my cd-rw drive as read and write capable (which I already knew)

when I run this, it tells me that there isn't any room on the cd-rw drive to backup to. My question is this: Does this program support writing to a blank cd-r? The blank media is a cd-r that has not been written to. Is there a step that is not in the doc's introduction that I have missed?

By: John Savage

19/07-2005 22:06

Just doing step 3, when inserting a cd-r or cd-rw, you should have the correct free capacity displayed on the right as soon as the media is online (no need for formatting or the like). If that value is 0, there is a problem with either the drive or the media. Check using explorer which also displays the drive's free capacity.

NB: The cd can be blank or just have the free capacity needed.

By: GuyRob

19/07-2005 22:55

Well, explorer shows the blank cd with free space of 702 megs. The drive itself hasn't had a problem being used by Windows or Achohol 120%. The drive is a HL-DT-ST CD-WR GCE-8483B (came with Dell desktop).

I can't believe that the drive wouldn't be supported by your program. The culprit *may* be the Achohol 120%, so I will remove it to see if your program starts seeing free space correctly.

By: GuyRob

19/07-2005 23:03

Problem solved. It was Achohol 120%. As soon as I removed it and rebooted, your program was showing the correct amount of free space for the blank media.

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