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Subject: cannot abort / cancel job

By: Dr Bob

22/07-2007 07:01


I have set several clients up with your software and it mostly works well, but occasionally seems to get confused. I have had this happen at several sites over the last 12 months. The symptoms are:

For whatever reason a backup job cannot complete; the next time the program is launched (or opened) we get this message:

Your last job: was not finished would you like to continue the job. The job will start at the begin of that disk or file which was cancelled

select no, then it will say:

Not enough free disk space for the next files in (drive) ......... Cancel will skip rest of files and abort the job

Select cancel, then it will say

Reset the archive bit to the state before the backup?

select no and the program then appears to behave properly - until you close it down and oipen it up again and the whole sequence repeats.

Is there any way of removing jobs it thinks are current / pending?



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