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Subject: Burner speed

By: David Todd

03/09-2004 18:04

I just backed up some directories and the report at the end said they were burned at 8x speed (which fit my impression that the backup was slow). I have a 48x burner (for cd-r) and high speed disks, all of which is reflected in the CD tab of ZBCD. Why are the disks being burned at 8x and is there a way to change that (the CD tab says that the speed set there is only funtions on that screen). version on Win xp home sp1, 1.87 ghz machine, 512 mb ram.

Thank you.

David Todd

By: Datahjaelp

03/09-2004 21:56

Use the Max preferred speed field.

If the value is 0 then the program will try to find the second lowest speed and us this speed.

The value selected here will be the first value the program tries to use when burning and erasing. If the speed is not supported, the program will try to determine the nearest lower suitable value and use it for the actual operation. The value chosen here should never exceed the max allowable speed for the media in the drive. Please do not select a value which is too high for the capability of your complete system.

By: David Todd

04/09-2004 00:35

Thanks. I set it at 48x (the maximum for my burner) and it worked fine and was much quicker. This was a bit confusing and I was about to give up on the program because it was so slow. Wouldn't it be better to have the default to be to try the drive's maximum speed and then have the program step it down if it needs to? Setting a lower limit could then be used if further problems occured.

Several of your descriptions in the help file could use a little more detail for the average user. For example, I'm still not sure I know how to use Rest Space.


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