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Subject: Bug? Backups files numbered based on location?

By: Kurt Schmidt

27/01-2005 23:26

I am having trouble understanding the behavior of the system, so I may be wrong; however, if I am right then this is a bug.

It appears to me that the backup/zip files are numbered according to the other files found in a given location. In other words, if exists in c:\backups, then next time the backups is run the file will be created in this folder. However, if the backup is redirected to another folder, say d:\MyBackups, then the same backup would instead create Since Datahjaelp suggests to backup first to HD and then to CD (I believe), I am concerned that I will end up with dozens of different and no easy way to tell them apart. I also wonder if this happens if the backup path is used with alternate locations (using bar |) and the primary location is not used.

I do know that the numbering in the names of backups starts over now and then, not sure how, so if this is not the mechanism, maybe another is used. Either way I think the backups should always be consecutively numbered. And while on the subject, I would like to see in the future four digit backup file numbering, as I do backups daily and want to keep going for more than just 3 years before rolling over.


By: Datahjaelp

29/01-2005 00:02

File numbering how it works.

By default, the Zip file created by Zip Backup to CD will be named somewhat as follows: The initial digits are the date and the final three digits, with 001 for the first file created this day, will be the Zip file number. After the number there may follow an "a," which means that the backup contains only files with the archive attributes set (that is, files changed since last backup), or a "c," which means that it is a copy and the archive attributes have not been cleared after the backup of the files. You can also specify a name to precede the creating number.

If for example you specify only "Data," the first resulting file name will be Using the %DATE% in the name enables you to specify a name with the date when the backup job was started, so that "Data%DATE%" would result in a file with the name The date format is YYYYMMDD (year month day).

As you se from above the number added is basically based on the not existence of the file with the same name or date, but a job which spans more than one file will always have consecutive numbers, also if the file with the name or date does not exist in the destination location.

If you use catalog the cat field in the Backup Files panel is checked the catalog file will be read and if the filename already are used in the catalog the next free number will be used. If Remove duplicates from 1. Catalog in the Backup menu is checked and you add all the files which are already in another archive you will get this archive completely removed from the catalog and the archive file name will be available for the next archive file. To make sure that you get consecutive file names it is recommended to use the %DATE% and get the date as part of the file name.

By: Kurt Schmidt

29/01-2005 03:59

Thanks for the answer, I am not sure I get the details of how it works for backup files named by me.

>If for example you specify only "Data," the first resulting file name will be

>but a job which spans more than one file will always have consecutive numbers,

>If you use catalog the cat field in the Backup Files panel is checked ...

I am not using the remove dups for the catalog, yet somehow duplicate file names are created for same jobs. That is what I am finding confusing.

I am curious also why the log that follows lists zip file numbered as 001, following which it refers to file 007. What happened to 002 through 006?
Log follows -- thanks -- Kurt

1/28/2005 18:32:39 Log Created. ZipBackup.exe
1/28/2005 18:32:39 > Files total: 1053
1/28/2005 18:32:39 > Files to backup: 1053 Folder infos to backup: 235
1/28/2005 18:32:39 > Bytes to backup: 12946946255
1/28/2005 18:32:40 > File reset: C:\Backups\Epiphany My / 0 / 432303223 / 172026
1/28/2005 18:32:51 > C:\Documents and Settings\v-kuschm.REDMOND\My Documents\Utility\MSSalesVolume_db_200411250202.KS.BAK was not added it is too big
1/28/2005 18:35:56 > File created: C:\Backups\Epiphany My / 678285700
1/28/2005 18:35:56 > No errors found in: C:\Backups\Epiphany My
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > File created: C:\Backups\Epiphany My / 39681590
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > No errors found in: C:\Backups\Epiphany My
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > Files checked: 1053
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > Files backed up: 1052
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > Bytes backed up: 376546130
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > Warning some files where skipped see detailed log!
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > Detailed log saved as: C:\Documents and Settings\v-kuschm.REDMOND\Application Data\ZipBackupToCD\Log\Complete Epiphany My Documents_113.txt
1/28/2005 18:37:23 > Backup end: Complete Epiphany My Documents.dat

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