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Subject: BSOD on Win2k Server-Bad Pool Caller

By: Herbert Reed

23/08-2005 23:40

A client had a crash today when ejecting DVD after backup, very stable installation. Using LG DVD all formats, DVD-RAM disks from Maxell. Had no problems with Zip-Backup, except had to use Pinnacle Instant DVD/CD Version 8.

Zip version purchased last week. Have five other server 2k & 2003 installations running great.

Thank You!

Herb aka Ole-Geek

By: Datahjaelp

23/08-2005 23:59

Try to make a search on Google for:
Win2k Server Bad Pool Caller

I think that the problem is a Windows / Sp4 problem.

By: Herbert Reed

24/08-2005 00:04

System has been runnig trouble free for 2 years with no such problem & SP-4 was installed when it came out. Problem can be related to CD/DVD drivers, writing to same?
Have been all over MS & web, no firm knowledge, just general.

By: Herbert Reed

24/08-2005 00:21

Perhaps I should ask another question here. What DVD/CD burning software is Zip-Backup known to be compatable with? This Pinnacle Instant DVD/CD was made by VOB in Germany, now off market. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Thank You,


By: Herbert Reed

24/08-2005 22:39

Upon closer inspection I find your software supports CD/DVD burning without any additional software. For DVD's you specify +RW -RW & Not -RAM. If this is so, we must change client to supported format and should remove any other burning software, Yes? This would be fine, I would buy them replacement disks ASAP.

Thank You,


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