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Subject: Backup network drive from workstation

By: Billy Hotchkiss

07/04-2005 00:24

I have shares on a network drive that we need to back up from a workstation. The workstation is running XP Home; running Zip Backup on the server is NOT an option.

Is there any way to run Zip Backup as a service on the XP workstation to back up the folders on the network drive? We'd like to have no one logged on to the workstation, if possible.

TIA for any help!

By: Datahjaelp

16/04-2005 19:10

You may look at the run as service section on this site. I think you will have problems with the network connection from a XP home box. It may also be necessary with some changes in the registry as the XP default blocks the network connection when no one is logged in.

By: Billy Hotchkiss

16/04-2005 20:08

I tried this once already. Unfortunately, Zip Backup loads with each account while the service is running, and inevitably crashes. It's caused too many problems, so I created a separate user account for it, and disabled the service. Still not a great solution...

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