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Subject: Backup jobs forced to Documents and Settings\... folder

By: Michael

14/03-2005 06:30

When I open a backup job that is NOT stored in the Documents and Settings\... profile folder, then make changes to the backup job, the program is saving the job to the profile folder, and not to the original location as expected.

I don't store files in the profile folder -- I prefer to organize my hard drive how I choose, which is not necessarily how Windows wants me to. The program should save the file where it was opened, and not secretly move it to a different location.

This is also a problem with the Log and Catalogs folders -- the program forces them to the profile folder, whereas I would like to specify where they go.

Any chance this unusual behavior will be changed to allow the user control over file locations?


By: Gavin Blem

15/04-2005 18:30

I agree with Michael.
I don't think this was a problem with 3.18, it now seems to be with 3.19 and a fix is needed urgently. Please respond!

By: Datahjaelp

16/04-2005 18:46

I agree that it would be nice to control where the job are saved, and we will look into a change but the scheduler only works when the job is stored in the default location.

You can change the default location from the Windows profile folder to the folder where the zipbackup.exe file is placed if you in the zipbackup.ini file change
UseUserData2kXP=1 to UseUserData2kXP=0

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