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Subject: Backup jobs are disappearing and when running as service.

By: Datahjaelp

02/06-2004 20:33

If the program runs as service the data will not be read as they are saved in:
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\ZipBackupToCD

When the program is loaded there is no user logged in and the result is that the program will look for the data where the exe file is placed:
C:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD

You may force the program to always use the folder where the exe files is placed if you open the zipbackup.ini placed with the exe file and change the value for UseUserData2kXP to zero:

We will release a new version where this problem is solved. It will look for the last used path (the user which was logged in at the time where the run as service was checked).

Please also note that if the program runs as service it is run on the system acount and in some cases there is no access to the shared resources depending on the security policy. You may make a script file which is used to login and run this script before the job is run. Select the menu Advanced > run before and after job and place the script file here.

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