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Subject: Backup issue

By: ebram

02/05-2005 18:30

I receved the following message via the email notifcation of my backup. I am using scheduled tasks to run the application.

05/01/2005 10:40:08 AM > Backup started: jthomas
05/01/2005 10:40:08 AM > Backup terminated unexpected: jthomas
05/01/2005 10:40:08 AM > Backup error: Unable to create directory

This is a Windows 2000 Server with the most recent service packs etc. we are using the /H switch when running the scheduled task FYI.

Please advise

By: Datahjaelp

17/05-2005 17:44

The program do not have the necessary right to write to the disk/folder. It can be the destination or the working folder. If you run the program as a service make sure the program can write in the folders specified in the ini file zipbackup.ini which is located in the same folder as the exe file:


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