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Subject: Backing up to DVD+RW

By: Douglas East

16/06-2004 21:47

I have a DVD+RW writer with a Verbatim Datalife DVD+RW in the drive. When I backed up to this drive it treated it as a CD-RW and said it was full after only writing 680mb to the disc. This is a dual drive (dvd writer / cd writer). Is there a setting within "Zip Backukp to CD" to force it to use the DVD writer rather than the CD writer? Or does the program somehow detect the type of media in the drive to make this selection?

By: Datahjaelp

16/06-2004 22:33

Try to put in another DVD+RW and see how much free space is reported, try to toggle the erase disc check. You can also try to make a full erase of the DVD+RW and see if the free space is 4482 MB.
It is not possible to force the drive to burn as DVD or CD. The drive normally recognises the disc type and reports it to the burner program, which has to respond accordingly.

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