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Subject: Dual layer DVD

By: ebram

04/03-2005 00:06

I have been using your product for some time and have had no problems up until now.

I have installed a Dual layer DVD Burner, (LITE-ON DVDRW S0HW-1633S) However Zip Backup to CD only allows for a maximum zip size of 4095. Is there a patch or upgrade available to allow for burning to dual layer DVDs to increase the maximum file size to say 8GB?


By: Datahjaelp

04/03-2005 17:08

Max file size is 4294967295 bytes, 4.095 GB. This limit is due to the zip file format. Allowing files bigger than 4 GB would need more than 32 bit to save the file size information in the zip file, resulting in a files which is not according to the zip file specifications. The file size limitation apply to the resulting zip file and any file to be archived in the zip file.

If you do not intend to backup a single file which is bigger than 4GB it should not be a problem to use a dual layer DVDs as you can have more than one zip archive burned to the media. You do not have to specify a zip file size which is equal to the space available as the program will break the job up in files of the size you specify. By hawing a lot of small files you are also decreasing the amount of necessary free temp space.

By: ebram

07/03-2005 23:12

I am currently using the Windows Scheduled tasks to automate the process for running zip-backup to CD. Can I still use Scheduled tasks to accomplish what you stated in your previous post? Or do I have to set up the scheduler in the program to run on a regular basis?

How would I go about backing up my files so that there is more than one zip file on the dual layer disk? Is it done with seperate jobs? Or one job and the program breaks the files up as needed?

By: Datahjaelp

16/04-2005 18:53

You can use any scheduler of your choice if you use the command line options to load the job file.

The program will break the files as needed according to the max zip size and the setting of split large files. If you have files which are greater than the max zip size after compression you have to select split large file to avoid that the files are skipped.

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