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Subject: Does Zip Backup to CD support windows server 2003?

By: Brandon ODonnell

02/11-2004 04:08

Does Zip Backup to CD support windows server 2003? I'm using it to schedule a nightly backup to cd on a windows 2003 server box. I have got the ZipBackuptoCD service running to allow scheduling.

In the application event log I see five events with same error message all within space of ~2.5 hours:

Faulting application ZipBackup.exe, version, faulting module
kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.0, fault address 0x000249d3.

Also, clicking on CD/DVD tab produces error:

System Error: Code 1400.
Invalid window handle.

Also, the first person to log onto the server in the morning (after scheduled backup overnight) gets error message saying that the .dat file could not be saved - I've changed the .dat file to allow "Everyone" full access but it still happens.

All this and the backups are STILL being performed reliably. Example log follows:

30/10/2004 1:16:24 AM Log Created.
30/10/2004 1:16:24 AM > Files total: 5
30/10/2004 1:16:24 AM > Files to backup: 5 Folder infos to backup: 1
30/10/2004 1:16:24 AM > Bytes to backup: 711852032
30/10/2004 1:17:42 AM > File created:
C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\3\ / 62590231
30/10/2004 1:17:54 AM > No errors found in:
30/10/2004 1:19:47 AM > \ burned to disc - Avg.
3214 KB/s, Max 3621 KB/s
30/10/2004 1:20:03 AM > - Burned and compared
with source, OK
30/10/2004 1:20:06 AM > Files checked: 5
30/10/2004 1:20:06 AM > Files backed up: 5
30/10/2004 1:20:06 AM > Bytes backed up: 711852231
30/10/2004 1:20:06 AM > Detailed log saved as: C:\Documents and
30/10/2004 1:20:06 AM > Backup end: ZipBackupToCDJob_depotpro_data.dat

... so the backups are being performed reliably, it is just that these errors are a worry and an annoyance.

Thanks in advance for any help/info.

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